The Sea Hunter is 115 feet of live-aboard comfort and convenience, which seems to have been built with trips to Cocos in mind. Once again, the development of the Sea Hunter as a live aboard can be credited to the incredible work and vision of the owners, Yosy Naaman and Avi Klapfer, who purchased what was a support boat in the gulf of Mexico, and with eight months of extensive renovation and refurbishing, turned the boat into the lovely vessel she is today. She is now a rare hybrid, combining a large working platform and powerful machinery (she is equipped with two GM 700 horsepower engines) of a functional work boat, with the comfortable and functional interior of a modern yacht.

The boat and her crew specialize in providing excellence in service, food, and underwater excitement and beauty. She has eight cabins for a total capacity of 18 passengers (three double-bed staterooms with private bath, two triples with private bath, and three doubles with private bath). Diver facilities are extremely well designed with individual gear storage, private camera/strobe storage shelves with individual 110 volt AC power, and a private dryer for clients towels and bathing suits.

The chase boats are an asset worth noting on the Sea Hunter : At times rubber inflatables are not enough to get divers where they want to go in the wind-blown vastness of the Pacific. Sea Hunter has two 24 fiberglass cruisers, which provide the stability that is necessary at Cocos Island. We put 9 or less divers in each chase boat and take them to distinct sites for every dive.

This is a superbly comfortable, stable and spacious vessel, with everything a serious diver/photographer could wish.

The Sea Hunter features these advantages not usually
found on a vessel her size:

* Extendable deck-mounted crane with 15 ton capacity
* Large aft work deck measuring 33ft by 24ft
* Two main generators, 75 kW, 65 kW
* Portable diesel 5 kW generator mountable in either tender
* Two heavy duty fiberglass tenders, 24ft
* Full workshop including electric welder,
oxy-acetylene unit, drill press, and all other necessary tools.

Cocos Island , lying isolated in the tropical Pacific, three hundred miles southwest of Costa Rica, is an ocean oasis. Its isolation is the essence of its magic. For decades the hideout of pirates and adventurers, Cocos Island is recognized today as among the last truly wild places in nature.

A distinctive and remote diving location, Cocos Island is for the serious diver. In the world-renowned waters surrounding Cocos Island you will dive with white tips and hammerhead sharks, dolphins, manta rays up to 18 across, marbled sting rays approaching 6 in diameter, giant moray eels, sailfish, and an occasional whale shark! Additionally, you will see large schools of jacks and tuna, creole fish, octopus and other various reef life. Silky sharks, silver tips, marlin, and green turtles are also in the area. In an era where ecological catastrophe haunts us at every turn, Cocos Island stands today as an example of natural harmony.

The Undersea Hunter and the Sea Hunter offer live-aboard expeditions to Cocos Island in comfort and safety. Our crews are experts on this island and its surrounding waters and can help you experience the best that Cocos has to offer! Join us on one of our exciting expeditions to Cocos Island to experience one of Mother Natures most spectacular performances.

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